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TitleFRO: Strontium brachytherapy for conjunctival melanoma
PurposeTo describe characteristics and outcome of 23 patients with a conjunctival melanoma treated with Strontium brachytherapy for conjunctival melanoma.
Methodsretrospective descriptive study.
ResultsBetween 1990 and 2007, 23 patients (12 men, 11 women) admitted to the ocular oncology unit of Leiden University Hospital, were treated with Strontium brachytherapy. The mean age at diagnosis was 49 years. In 20 patients the melanoma was located only on the epibulbaar conjunctiva in 3 patients others locations were also involved. These 3 patients were adjuvantly treated with cryotherapy. In the follow-up time of 6.7 years, 5 patients (22%) developed a recurrence, and 2 patients developed distant metastases (9%; of which one patient died during follow-up).
ConclusionConjunctival melanoma can be treated successfully with Strontium brachytherapy, and has less local recurrences than other local treatements. Survival in this group is better that the overall outcome in conjunctival melanoma.
Author 1
DepartmentLeiden University
CityLeiden (NL)
Author 2
Last nameTassignon
DepartmentAntwerp University
Author 3
Last namede Keizer
DepartmentAntwerp University & Leiden University
CityAntwerp & Leiden (NL)
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