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TitleComplementary examinations: OCT - Fluo-angiography
PurposeCataract and macular disease often coexist in an ageing population. In order to prevent disappointment with the surgical outcome, patients with macular disease need to be identified prior to cataract surgery.

When there is an important discrepancy between a patients complaints and the lens opacities observed by slit lamp examination, retinal examination should be performed.

Fluorescein angiography has long been the preferred tool of the retinal specialist and will easily identify any macular lesions. Yet, an angiography is an invasive examination, which requires time and special equipment. Therefore routine angiography of all patients undergoing cataract surgery is hardly feasible.

Optical coherence tomography has not only become a standard tool in any retina clinic, but also has been adopted by a large number of non-retina specialists. It's ease of use and quick examination makes it an ideal screening tool, not only for patients with suspected macular disease but for all patients undergoing cataract surgery.
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