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TitleCataract & glaucoma
PurposeThe coexistence of cataract and glaucoma is a common condition. However the management is a rather complex issue with several therapeutic options. Depending on the degree of cataract, the extend of the glaucomatous damage, IOP control and the number of IOP lowering medications a certain strategy will be chosen. In certain situations cataract surgery alone is sufficient. Other options include combined cataract and glaucoma surgery or two-phased surgery (cataract surgery followed by glaucoma surgery , or vice versa).
With modern phaco-emulsification technique a mild IOP lowering effect can be expected on average. When there is an indication for a combined procedure a phaco trabeculectomy is the gold standard. Nevertheless combining cataract surgery with deep sclerectomy, viscocanalostomy, suprachoroidal drainage devices, trabecular drainage devices, or endosopic cyclophtocoagulation may sometimes provide sufficient IOP lowering with less complications. If maximal IOP lowering is mandatory a single trabeculectomy is preferred. However later cataract surgery may compromise bleb function. Therefore, the impact of each condition on the diagnosis has to be weighted carefully in order to choose the optimal treatment.
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