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TitleRefractive Lasersurgery - Aberrometry
PurposeTo evaluate the efficacy of the Formulas for IOL calculations after Refractive Surgery.
MethodsA cohort of 70 eyes were enrolled in this study: 55 eyes after incisional refractive surgery,15 eyes after ablative surgery. Hoffer Q Formula was used in the first series, and compared with other third generation Formulas; Haigis L Formula was used in the other series and also compared with other third generation Formulas.
Data were collected at J1,1M,3M,6M.
Deviation from intended refraction was calculated in all cases
ResultsThere was a significal improvement in IOL calculations with Hoffer Q and Haigis L Formulas and with the IOL Master device.
No complications occured; no lens exchange was performed.
Data will be presented.
ConclusionThese Formulas (Hoffer Q and Haigis L)seem to be very interesting for IOL calculations after refractive surgery; however, the patient must be warned that a “refractive surprise” can occur.
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Last nameMATHYS
DepartmentBrussels Eye Specialists
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