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TitlePhakic intra-ocular lens / Glare & Halo’s
PurposeTreating high myopia with excimerlaser correction can result in adverse effects with glare and halo. Phakic intra-ocular lenses (IOL) for high myopia should give better quality of vision with less glare and halo. Better insight in possible adverse effects in the different options for refractive treatment of high myopia was studied.
MethodsCase studies of patients treated for high ametropia with Artisan/Artiflex and Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) tduring the last year were analysed to look for the incedence and source of possible glare and halo post-operatively. This was compared with patients treated for high myopia above -8 diopters with All-Laser LASIK. A survey was done to thirteen refractive surgeons worldwide about possible options when treating high myopia.
ResultsGlare and halos were found in both groups. Survey results showed no distinct advantage for any of the phakic IOL's over LASIK. Both treatments are feasible and have their possible adverse effects. Large pupils are a risk factor for post-operative glare and halo's in both groups.
ConclusionTreatment of high myopia especially in case of larger pupils might induce glare and halo's in patients treated with phakic IOL's as well as with LASIK.
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