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TitleFRO: Analysis of the utility of QuantiFERON-TB Gold in tube and measurement of IFNγ release by peripheral mononuclear cells in response to different mycobacterium antigen in the work-up of patients with uveitis
PurposeTo compare the usefulness of tuberculin skin test (TST) and QuantiFERON-TB Gold in tube (QFR) as tuberculosis screening test in patients with uveitis in a low prevalence country with a mixed BCG vaccinated population.
MethodsPatients with uveitis of unknown origin have been recruited and underwent a standard diagnosis procedure including TST. In all patients a QFR was performed. IFNγ release by mononuclear cells in response to PPD and to the mycobacterium antigen HBHA was also analyzed.
ResultsData were analysed in 46 patients. In the TST/QFR negative concordant group (26 patients= 56,5 %), IFNγ release in response to PPD and HBHA was negative in 88,5% and 92% respectively. In the TST/QFR positive concordant group (15 patients = 32,6%), IFNγ release was observed in response to PPD in 86,7 % and HBHA in 47 %. In the discordant group TST+/QFR-, no IFNγ responses to PPD or HBHA were observed.
ConclusionOur data from a no endemic country with a mixed BCG vaccinated population, strongly suggest that a negative TST represent a true negative result. On the contrary, a positive TST can be a false positive and has to be confirmed by QFR.
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