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TitleFrequency of metastatic disease and survival of 716 consecutive patients with uveal melanoma : a retrospective monocentric reviewmelanoma
PurposeTo determine the frequency, location, time to systemic metastases and survival in patients with uveal melanoma managed at one cancer center
MethodsA retrospective review on 716 consecutive patients, referred and managed at the Centre du Cancer, Brussels for uveal melanoma between 1/1998 and 12/2010. Patient survival was assessed by Kaplan-Meier method and the impact of metastatic diesase–related symptoms on survival by the Log-Rank test. A multivariate Cox regression was performed to identify risk factors for metastatic disease.
ResultsThe median age at diagnosis was 63 years. According to the COMS classification, there were 43 (6%) small tumors, 379 (53%) medium tumors, 232 (32%) large tumors and 62 (9%) tumors were unclassified. Enucleation, radiotherapy+/-thermotherapy and thermotherapy alone was performed in 24%, 66% and 10% of patients, respectively. The median time between tumor diagnosis and treatment was 9 days. After a median follow-up of 36 months 100 patients (13.9%) developed metastases (71% exclusively liver localisation, 19% extraliver and liver localisations and 5% only extraliver localisation) with a median time to relapse of 32 months. The relapse free survival from diagnosis at 5 and 10 years was 81% and 74,6%, respectively. Fourty patients (40%) died from their melanoma with a median survival time of 17 months. No difference in survival was observed between those patients with metastasis-related symptoms and those without (p> 0.05).
ConclusionOur study showed a lower frequency (14%) of metastatic disease with a higher median survival time than those previously reported. The potential impact of the treatment(s) on survival prognosis among our patients with metastatic disease is under investigation
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