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TitleIntracorneal ring segment (ICRS) implantation in Keratoconus patients in tunnels made by the Ziemer femtosecond laser
PurposeTo assess objective an subjective visual results in keratoconus (KC) patients with a need of surgical visual revalidation using Keraring ICRS, implanted into tunnels made by the Ziemer femtosecond laser
MethodsProspective study in which 16 keratoconic eyes of 15 patients Keraring ICRS were implanted into tunnels made by the Ziemer femtosecond laser to visually rehabilitate these contact lens intolerant patients. In all patients the KC was assumed to be stable with or without Ulltra-Violet Crosslinking (UV-CXL). Target was near emmetropia. Mean follow-up was 6 months. Pre-and post-op data include UCVA, BCVA, refraction, spherical equivalent, Kmax, placido-based and elevation topography. A questionnaire was submitted to the patients to assess their satisfaction.
ResultsIn all patients the KC was topographically recentered with a significant decrease of the Kmax in all the patients and an improvement of the BCVA of 2 lines or more in 69 % of the eyes No eyes lost 2 lines or more. Spherical Equivalent and astigmatism were reduced significantly in all eyes. In 2 eyes out of 16 the topographical changes did not result in an improvement of the UCVA. Average patient satisfaction was high (87,5 %) despite the presence of halo's.
ConclusionIn selected stabilized KC eyes the implantation of Keraring ICRS into tunnels made by the Ziemer femtosecond laser resulted in an improvement of most objective parameters in all eyes and a high patient satisfaction rate, even if halo's are present in most patients.
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