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TitleNot all choroidal tumors are melanomas or metastases, and rare cases are challenging for treatment
PurposeDescription of a case report. A monophthalmic patient was referred with different choroidal tumors in his only left eye for advise about the diagnosis and different treatment options
MethodsIn 2006 the right eye was enucleated for melanoma. In 2009 a skin melanoma on the head was resected, and in 2010 a neuroendocrine adenocarcinoma (NEAC) of the prostate was diagnosed with a liver metastasis of NEAC. Multiple metastatic lesions were detected by ct on liver, spine and abdomen without any complains. The different treatment options and correlations between these 4 tumors were investigated
ResultsAfter review of the 4 biopsies the final diagnosis was: 2 different tumors: a paraganglioma in the left eye with skin metastasis (and not melanoma) and NEAD in the prostate with hepatic metastasis. The tumors in the left eye are presumed to be metastases of one of the originals or a new location of one. Both type of tumors have common clinical and pathologic characteristics and a genetic predisposition is suggested. In most cases there is a favorable prognosis. The vision of the left eye was 7/10 with diffuse metamorphopsia, because of subretinal fluid around the tumors. The treatment options were discussed with multiple experts and external beam radiation to the left eye was performed to stabilize the tumors. He was in general good health, although multiple detected metastases on imaging
ConclusionThis case shows a very rare paraganglioma in one eye in a patient with multiple NEAD and metastates in the other eye; this demonstrates the possible genetic link between both rare entities
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