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TitleIs it a conjunctival naevus or melanoma or is it something else?
PurposeA 47-year old healthy man was referred by his opthalmologist to exclude malignancy of a naevus of the nasal conjunctiva present since 20 years. Patient did not notice any change in colour or size of the lesion.
MethodsOn biomicroscopy a cystic poorly pigmented non mobile lesion was seen. The clinical impression was a small hole in the sclera. In the medical history no trauma was known. To differentiate the lesion a high resolution B scan ultrasonography was performed.
ResultsUltrasonography showed a small scleral perforation without any protrusion of a mass of the pars plana. Probably a blunt trauma on his eye, as child, had caused this small scleral opening but the patient did not remember any eye trauma.

ConclusionConjunctival naevi are typically located in the juxtalimbal region and are obligatory mobile with the conjunctiva. When not mobile they need to be distinguished from protrusion in openings in the sclera after trauma or extraocular extension of a ciliairy body melanoma. Movement of the conjunctiva by hands and High resolution B scan ultrasonography have important roles in the differential diagnosis of conjunctival lesions.
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Last nameWEYNS
DepartmentAntwerp University Hospital
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DepartmentAntwerp University Hospital
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DepartmentLeiden University Medical Center
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