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TitlePeriocular infantile haemangiomas
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PurposePeriocular infantile haemangiomas (PIH) are benign vascular tumours located in the orbit or eyelid, characterised by a rapid growth during the first 6 months of life. Despite their self-limited course, PIH can impair visual function. Tumour growth can lead to obstruction of the visual axis resulting in deprivational amblyopia. The tumour can also induce astigmatism by deformation of the cornea or can lead to proptosis if located in the orbit. Several treatment modalities have been shown to be successful in shrinking the size of PIH. Steroids have remained the first-line treatment but are associated with significant side effects. The serendipitously discovery in 2008 of Propranolol’s effect on PIH has heralded a new era in PIH management. Knowledge of this new treatment modality, given orally or applicated topically, as well as a good work-up of the patient before and during treatment is obligatory.
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Last nameDELBEKE
DepartmentDept of Ophthalmology, Ghent University Hospital
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