ICC-1 : Phakic IOL's : ICL and Artiflex : when, why, and how?

MATHYS Bernard, GOES Frank Jr
Interactive Clinical Courses
Wednesday 22 November 2017, 09:00 - 10:30, Hall 300

Intermediate course

This course will be given to surgeons wanting to start with ICL surgery. The next questions will be answered during this ICC:-Indications: when do I choose for laser surgery, or for ICL surgery ?-Surgery: what are the critical steps to be successful in ICL surgery and how do I avoid complications ? At the end of this ICC, attendees with good surgical skills should be able to start this interesting technique.

Bernard Mathys : ICL : practical and surgical aspects, and comparison between ICL and Lasik as a solution for myopia
Frank Goes : When ICL and when Artiflex ? : comparison of both surgical solutions.
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