Academic session

AOB Academic session
Wednesday 27 November 2019, 11:00 - 13:00, COPPER
Emmanuel VAN ACKER
 11:00AOB Lecture Anita Leys : Laudatio by Werner Dirven
 11:10Maculair serous detachement in centraal serous choroidopathy LEYS A
 11:30AOB Award presentation
 11:40Keynote Lecture : Clinical Aqueous Dynamics LIM S
 12:00Keynote Lecture : Postsurgical CME: strategies for prophylaxis and treatment NUIJTS R
 12:20Keynote Lecture : Diabetic macula edema From diagnosis to treatment STAURENGHI G
 12:40Recognition of the Keynote speakers
 12:50Recognition of the outgoing AOB President Monique Cordonnier
 13:00End of sessions
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