BGS: Belgian Glaucoma Society

Visual field / Free papers
Thursday 24 November 2011, 08:25 - 12:05, Hall B
 08:30Correlation of the rate of progression of visual field loss between Guided Progression Analysis (GPA II) and PeriDataTM program in glaucoma patients: Pilot study PEETERS H, DETRY- MOREL M, POURJAVAN S
 08:40Differential effects of various VEGF isoforms on endothelial cells and Tenon fibroblasts VAN BERGEN T, VANDEWALLE E, VAN DE VEIRE S, MOONS L, STALMANS I
 08:50The effect of a single, preoperative, intracameral administration of bevacizumab (Avastin®) on trabeculectomy outcome: A prospective, randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial. VANDEWALLE E, ZEYEN T, VAN BERGEN T, SPIELBERG L, STALMANS I
 09:00FRO: Identity-by-descent mapping reveals a new locus for primary congenital glaucoma, GLC3E, on chromosome 19p13.2. VERDIN H, D'HAENE B, COPPIETERS F, LEFEVER S, KESTELYN P, LEROY B, DE BAERE E
 09:10FRO: Microplasmin as an antiscarring agent for glaucoma surgery: Translation into clinical application VANDEWALLE E, VAN BERGEN T, MOONS L, STALMANS I
 09:20FRO: Role of placental growth factor (PIGF) in wound healing after glaucoma filtration surgery VAN BERGEN T, MOONS L, STASSEN JM, STALMANS I
 09:30Topical application of AMA0076, a locally acting rho kinase (ROCK) inhibitor, results in a robust IOP control in a hypertensive rabbit model VAN DE VELDE S, MOONS L, STALMANS I
 09:40Pfizer Research Award 2011
 09:50Basic principles of automated perimetry KESTELYN P
 10:00Tips for the perimetrist VAN MALDEREN L
 10:10Interpretation of the results COLLIGNON N
 11:00Pitfalls HOSTE A
 11:10Detecting progression ZEYEN T
 11:20Linking function to structure STALMANS I
 11:30Driver licence: how to apply the new rules STEVENS AM
 11:40Challenging clinical cases
 12:05End of session
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