ICC-T6: Presbyopia correction / Presbyopia correction : Cornea and Lens

GOES Frank sr / HENRY Jean-Marie / HÜTZ Werner & MERTENS Erik / BLANCKAERT Johan / HEINTZ Bernard
Interactive Clinical Courses
Thursday 24 November 2011, 11:00 - 12:30, Hall E - ICC

Goes Frank / Henry Jean-Marie / Hütz Werner
Course will discuss the options of presbyopia correction with special emphasis on lens surgery.
Patient selection-IOL power calculation-the Surgery itself-IOL selection Clinical outcomes- and future developments will be analyzed and discussed. 
Panel will review more than 1.000 cases and will propose guidelines in order to have more HAPPY PATIENTS.

Mertens Erik / Johan Blanckaert / Bernard Heintz
Attendees will recognize advantages and disadvantages of the different types of presbyopia correction and be able to describe selection criteria for this procedures. They will understand patient selection, surgical technique, and how to prevent and manage complications. Case studies will also be presented by each speaker to increase learning experience. 

Course will describe the possible options in correcting presbyopia (corneal inlays, accommodative and multifocal IOLs, presbyLASIK and INTRACOR laser treatment). Patient selection, surgical technique, management of complications, patient satisfaction and refractive and ocular outcomes will be reviewed.
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