Belgian Glaucoma Society

Myths and misconceptions in glaucoma
Thursday 29 November 2012, 09:00 - 12:30, Hall A
Philippe KESTELYN, Michèle DETRY, Veva DE GROOT
 09:00Welcome P. Kestelyn
 09:05NTG is a rare disease KESTELYN P
 09:20Misconception about IOP POURJAVAN S
 09:35Misconception about functional & structural changes STALMANS I
 09:50Misconception about medical treatment of glaucoma EHONGO A
 10:45Misconception about risks of glaucoma surgery DE GROOT V
 11:00Misconception about glaucoma blindness HONDEGHEM K
 11:15Generics are identical and less expensive STEVENS A
 11:30Clinical cases: M. Goethals, A.Hoste, N.Collignon, M.Detry
 12:30End of session
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