OBAO : Care for children in Ophthalmology

OBAO : Care for children in Ophthalmology
AMICO Symposium
Saturday 16 March 2013, 09:00 - 16:00, Canopée
 09:00The normal child: common complaints and how to do the right examination DE VEUSTER I
 09:20Prescribing Spectacles in Children: A Pediatric Ophthalmologist's Approach SCHAEKEN N
 09:40Psychology of vision: simulation, non-accidental injuries, ... ANDRIS C
 10:00Common malformations and how they come to exist TAYLOR D
 10:30Coffee break
 11:15Retinopathy of prematurity CASTEELS I
 11:35The hot orbit in children MOMBAERTS I
 11:55Pediatric glaucoma GREHN F
 14:00Colour vision deficiencies SPILEERS W
 14:20Keep that eye still! Nystagmus and its secrets DELBEKE P
 14:50The eye and systemic pediatric diseases HUA MT, FLORKIN B
 15:20The low vision child: how to help them as they grow up BUYCK A
 16:00End of session
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