BGS : Belgian Glaucoma Society

Glaucoma progression despite good pressure control
Thursday 28 November 2013, 09:00 - 12:30, Hall B
201109:10What is ‘good pressure control’ STEVENS AM
201209:25IOP fluctuation and its measurements POURJAVAN S
201309:40Sleep Apnoe and perfusion pressure KIEKENS S
201409:55Effect of cerebrospinal pressure DE GROOT V
201510:10Contribution of the Lamina Cribrosa in glaucoma susceptibility STROUTHIDIS S
201611:00When is a neurological work-up necessary COLLIGNON N
201711:15How to treat patients progressing despite low IOPs? STALMANS I
 11:30Case reports (coordinated by V. De Groot): preferentially on Leaking bleb, Painful bleb, failing bleb. P. Kestelyn, K. Hondeghem, M. Goethals, A. Ehongo
 12:30End of session
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