OBAO: Optics - Contactology - Refractive Surgery

Saturday 15 March 2014, 09:00 - 16:00, Hall 300
Valérie BERTRAND, Vincent QIN
 09:00Clinical optics of the eye SPILEERS W
 09:20Epidemiology of the optical parameters in the eye ROZEMA J
 09:40IOL calculations PUECH M
 10:00Orthokeratology KAZMAREK C
 10:50Aberrometry and their clinical impact GATINEL D
 11:15Soft Contact Lenses: practical use & indications DUCHESNE B
 11:30Hard contact lenses: practical use & indications BEIRNAERT V
 11:50Contact lens complications DELCOURT JC
 12:10Managing astigmatism in cataract surgery GOLENVAUX B
 14:00Refractive cataract surgery: femto cataract laser and toric guidance system BLANCKAERT J
 14:20Multifocal IOLs versus Monovision AL-SABAI N
 14:40Indications for laser in refractive surgery ? CHAVES A
 15:10Overview of Phacic IOLs MAJO F
 15:30Are we going mad with refractive surgery? DUCHESNE B, HEINTZ B
 16:00End of session
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