AOB and FRO E-Posters

AOB e-Posters
22, 23 & 24 November 2017, 09:00 - 17:30, Poster area
3001Foldable capsular vitreous body implantation study BEVERS C, STALMANS P
3002Regrowth of the Endothelium after Descemetorhexis: two case reports DELWICHE N, TASSIGNON MJ, Ní DHUBHGHAILL S
3003Never underestimate the power of the tearfilm MERTENS ELJ
3004Long-term results of standardized, non-xenogenic, cultivated limbal epithelial stem cell transplantations. BEHAEGEL J, Ní DHUBHGHAILL S, KOPPEN C, LEYSEN I, TASSIGNON MJ, ZAKARIA N
3005The role of vitreous body on the effective IOL position VANDER MIJNSBRUGGE J, FILS JF, JANSEN J, HUA MT, STALMANS P
3006IOL-Exchange: indications and outcomes GOEMAERE J, DENISSEN L, Ní DHUBHGHAILL S, TASSIGNON MJ
3007A randomised trial of adjustable glasses, ready-made glasses and standard glasses among Chinese school children TANG B, CONGYAO W, ZHANG G, LING J, CONGDON N
3008Risk factors for growth of choroidal nevi with a juxtapapillary location in 90 consecutive patients RAMARD H, BARTOSZEK P, DE POTTER P
3009Dysthyroid optic neuropathy: the stretching component. COUTEL M, BOSCHI A
3010OCT angiography for the everyday glaucoma practice: a new methodology JESUS D, BARBOSA BREDA J, VAN KEER K, LEMMENS S, STALMANS I
3011Efficacy of ab interno gel stent in open-angle glaucoma 18 to 24 months after implantation: IOP reduction and position within the irido-corneal angle MALAISE D, DUPONT G, COLLIGNON N
3012Feasibility of a hand-held non-mydriatic fundus camera in pediatric use: evaluating ease of use and image quality ODENT S, CASTEELS I, CASSIMAN C
3013Clinical evaluation : Intrastromal Corneal Rings Segments and corneal ectasias LENTINI M, PINHEIRO CHAVES A
3014Features of ophthalmic training in ten European countries QIN V, MAHROO O, BASHEER K, VAN BOL L, STRAUSS R, LA MANTIA A, VEHOF J, CARDOSO J, ALFAGEME-VAZQUEZ C, TASIOPOULOU A
3016Multiple eye muscle palsy as a first sign of sarcoidosis? DEBOUTTE I
3017Infantile glaucoma: disparity in origin of the illness. Analysis of the patients cohort conducted at Queen Fabiola Children's University Hospital in Brussels EFENDIC A, POSTOLACHE L, BREMER F
3018Wernicke’s encephalopathy after sleeve gastrectomy : a matter of life ophthalmological diagnosis PREUD'HOMME B, DEPASSE F, VAUTHIER L, CORDONNIER M
3019Case of Goldmann-Favre syndrome in a 6-year-old boy, complicated by macular choroidal neovascularization in both eyes, responding to two intravitreal injections of Lucentis in the right eye LECOMTE L, KOZYREFF A, BOSCHI A, REVENCU N, LEROY BP
3020Atypical mycobacterial interface infection after Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty VAN LANDEGHEM R, FOETS B, DESMET S, VANHAECKE M, HUA MT
3021Merkel Cell Carcinoma with locoregional and distant spread VAN AERSCHOT J, VAN GINDERDEUREN R, MISSOTTEN G
3022Colour vision in eyes with IOL implants and normals UVIJLS A, DERVEAUX T, COLMAN R, LEROY BP
3023Mooren’s ulcer associated with pterygium surgery. A case report. KAIMBO WA KAIMBO D
3024A case of CMV retinitis with different antiviral drug resistance-associated mutations in the genome of CMV strains in blood and aqueous humor JACOBS T, VAN CALSTER J
3025Identification of CNGA3 variants in a child with a maculopathy, normal photopic ERG and near normal color vision DE VRIES MJ, VAN GENDEREN MM, POSTOLACHE L, DE BAERE E
3026Multimodal imaging of acute macular neuroretinopathy and its evolution over 8 months MALAISE D, DUCHATEAU E, RAKIC JM
3027Corneal confocal microscopy and familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy BOUAICH K, DUFRANE R, YOUSSFI A, SLIM E, EHONGO A
3028Audit of wet AMD patients treated with IV Ranibizumab over 6-12 months HAMOUD A, YOUNIS S
3029Syndrome de Kjellin, à propos d'un cas particulier BALLEZ C, AMROM D, PANDOLFO M, CORDONNIER M
3030Ischemic optic disc swelling? Show me your skin! VERMEIRSCH S, DELBEKE P, LAMBRECHT P, DE ZAEYTIJD J
3031Visual outcomes and complications for a novel suture fixation device in the Bag-in-the-lens IOL implantation VAN HATTEM JVH
3032Collagen crosslinking as a treatment for corneal hydrops in ectatic disorders ROELS D, GEERARDS AJM
3033An unusual case of diplopia caused by an intraorbital foreign body WELLENS L, SYS C, DE KETELAERE F, HUYGENS M
3034Case report: a conjunctival hemangioma as a presenting sign of Wyburn-Mason syndrome KNOORS L, CASTEELS I
3035Infantile orbital hemangioma treated with propranolol: 2 cases DEKLERCK EJ, VULSTEKE C, MATTHIJS I, DELBEKE P
3036Dual Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion in one eye-case presentation HAMOUD AH, YOUNIS YS
3037Case of Blindness following bariatric surgery improved by vitamin A supplementation VALEMBOIS A, BOSCHI A, THISSEN J-P, PINHEIRO-CHAVES A
3038Top-down proteomics of human tears in a clinical context. RAUS PPM, DE WINDE JH, VERHAERT PDEM
3039Punctate inner choroidopathy in monozygotic twins PEETERS D, SYS C, DE ZAEYTIJD J, LEROY BP, DE SCHRYVER I
3040FRO - Neuroinflammation as fuel for axonal regeneration: unravelling the underlying molecular players ANDRIES L
3041FRO - Metabolomic profile of surgical glaucoma patients BARBOSA BREDA J
3042FRO - The interplay between dendrite and axon regeneration in central nervous system repair: which way to grow ? BECKERS A
3043FRO - Enhanced donor selection in the treatment of LSCD using advanced imaging techniques BEHAEGEL J
3044FRO - Intravitreal injection of mRNA containing nanoparticles to introduce sustained expression of neurothrophic factors in Müller celles DEVOLDERE J
3045FRO - Tissue engineering in Ophthalmology: Regenerating the anterior cornea using synthetic collagen-mimicking nanoscaffolds and Limbal Epithelial Stem Cells HAAGDORENS M
3046FRO - Role of TonEBP inthe inflammatory response of ARPE-19cells subjected to hyperosmolar stress MASSET M
3047FRO - 3D printed recombinant human collagen scaffolds for corneal tissue engineering: an in vivo study of biocompatibility MATTHYSSEN S
3048FRO - AON therapy for restoration of defective splicing in genes mutated in hereditary blindness NAESSENS S
3049FRO - Exploring strategies to overcome the inner limiting membrane as a barrier for non-viral retinal gene therapy after intravitreal injection PEYNSHAERT K
3050FRO - Copy number variation analysis and whole exome sequencing of three unique Belgian keratoconus families VALGAEREN H
3051FRO - Regenerating the ocular surface using standardized, xeno-free, tissue-engineered conjunctival grafts for conjunctival reconstruction VAN ACKER S
3052FRO - Targeting specific pathways to enhance human corneal endothelial proliferation in vitro VAN DEN BOGERD B
3053FRO - Automated retinal vessel analysis toiImprove the detection and management of ophthalmic and systemic diseases VAN KEER K
3054FRO - Hidden genetic variation in retinal dystrophies – exploring the contribution of copy number variations VAN SCHIL K
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