BSA - Belgian Strabismological Association

Strabismus surgery: Primum non nocere
Wednesday 22 November 2017, 14:00 - 17:30, The Arc
Evelien DE NIJS, Sandrine DE TEMMERMAN
 14:00Introduction by Demet Yuksel, president
109314:05The ins and outs of strabismus re-operation - guest lecture VIVIAN A
109414:45Peculiar intra-orbital cause of iatrogenic strabismus DE NIJS E
109515:00Inferior rectus surgery: aesthetic and functional considerations POSTOLACHE L
109616:00Postoperative limitation of duction and secondary deviation GOBIN C
109716:15Inferior oblique surgery may turn into a nightmare YUKSEL D
109816:30Torsional diplopia after vitreo-retinal surgery CASSIMAN C, DE TEMMERMAN S
 17:15End of session

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