Belgische Orthoptische Vereniging - Association Belge d’Orthoptie

ORTHOPTICS: optical correction = optimal correction?
Friday 29 November 2013, 09:00 - 12:30, Hall D
Meindert Jan DE VRIES, Jean - Paul HARDY
302609:05Influence of the optical correction on visual development and eye position MESTDAGH C
302709:25Accommodative strabismus : “See better with straight eyes” YUKSEL D
 09:45Case report
302810:00Low vision: prescribing glasses in children and adults DEPASSE F
 10:20Case report
302911:00Orthoptic guidelines in refractive and cataract surgery GODTS D
303011:25Presbyopia : ‘Not always obvious, not always simple …’ VAN LAMMEREN M
303111:45Prescribing ground-in prisms JANSSENS HJ, DE VRIES VDV
303212:05Aniseikonie LA GRANGE N
 12:25End of session
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