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COB : ManaMa - Uveitis - December 11, 2021 - Virtual & Live

The course will be - Virtual & Live - and is on Uveitis in CHU Saint-Pierre, auditoire Bastenie – Forum

Organisation: Prof. François Willermain, CHU St-Pierre

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OB 2021, Thank you !

The 29th OB congress was a successful edition despite the Covid pandemic and the restrictions that each has followed well.
On behalf of AOB and the committee of OB 2021, we would like to thank all those who attended the congress and contributed to its success. Special thanks goes also to the industry who did a big effort to have a high-quality exhibition in a safe way !

Next appointment, AMICO, will take place virtual on March 19, 2022.
President AOB 2022-2024 : Emmanuel Van Acker
Handover of chain of office
Joachim Van Calster to Emmanuel Van Acker
INFO 128 magazine & OB 2021 programme
The Eyesi® cataract surgery virtual training project. 

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Brussels, 03 December 2021 2:10