2021 - Guidelines e-Poster presentation

Guidelines e-Poster presentation

E-posters on screen only.

An electronic poster (E-Poster) is a poster in PDF format. The screens displaying posters at the congress will be in Landscape (horizontal) orientation. For best display of your e-Poster we recommend Landscape orientation but technically, Portrait PDFs will also be supported. 
  • Your PDF poster can be a single-page or multi-page PDF file.  For multi-page posters, a maximum of 5 pages is accepted.

  • About single-page or multi-page posters:
    • A single-page poster does not necessarily limit the amount of information (text and graphics) you can include.  The e-Poster viewing application allows zooming in and out.  When a poster which was originally designed on A0 (large format print) is displayed in the e-Poster application, the full page view might not show all the details in one glance. But the user can zoom and pan to see all information.  If you have a previously designed large format poster,  uploading it as a single-page PDF will fully allow users to see and read all information.
    • If a poster has not been originally designed for print as a large-format single-page poster, you can opt to use A4 size and use multiple pages (up to 5).   The e-Poster viewing application will then feature a scroll bar which viewers can use to navigate between the pages
  • Uploading your e-Poster
    • All electronic poster presenters should upload their poster by 22 November 2021 at midnight via the following  UPLOAD LINK. A link with your personal username & password will be provided by e-mail closer to the meeting.
  • All posters are eligible for a Poster Award.
    • An independent panel appointed by the Board of OB 2021 decides on the Poster Awards through voting. Their decision is final.
    • Prizes are:
      - Best rapid fire presentation 300 EUR
      - Best e-poster 300 EUR

  • Proposed OB 2021 Master slide
The poster awards ceremony will be held on Friday, November 26, 2021 at 12:30 in The Arc. In order to receive the prize, the presence of poster presenters who are awarded a poster prize is mandatory.

Contact the  OB Office for any question you may have.

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