Instructions for the authors

Four typed copies of the article (of which one must be signed by all authors) must be sent to the editorial office by postmail and one copy - in a word document - by e-mail.

Prof. Dr. Thierry Zeyen  & Prof. Dr. Michèle DETRY
Clinique Universitaire St. Luc
Service d'Ophtalmologie
Avenue Hippocrate 10
B-1200 Bruxelles

Unless the Executive Board decides otherwise, the articles may not exceed 10 pages on A4 format and double-spaced.
They must contain the following sections: introduction, material and methods, discussion, references and, if necessary, illustrations or tables that clarify the text.
The first page mentions:
  •  TITLE (in capital letters)
  •  authors: family name followed by the initials of the Christian names.
  •  summaries: obligatory in English and French; facultative in Dutch and German.
  •  key words: in English and French. (Notice!: the English summary and key words will be mentioned in Med-Line)
  •  in footnotes: *, **, ***, the institutions of the author(s).
The references are mentioned at the end of the article:
They must be arranged alphabetically and indicated by numbers between brackets. These numbers are used for references in the text. Only the articles cited in the text may be mentioned in the references.
Example: (Number), NAME(s), initials of the Christian names, full title of the article, abbreviated title of the journal, year, volume, first-last page.
On the last page are mentioned the name and the address of the author from whom reprints can be requested.
Unless the Executive Board decides otherwise, the article may contain a maximum of six figures. The Executive Board determines the contribution, if any, of the authors in the cost of reproduction. The figures must be of excellent quality, and the name of the author must be written on the back with an upwards directed arrow indicating the orientation of the figure.
Documents (figures, schemes, tables, photos) borrowed from other sources or authors must be accompanied by a letter from the concerned authors and editors allowing their publication in the Bulletin
The text of discussions may not be longer than two double-spaced A4 pages.
The Executive Board has exclusive authority of decision and delegation regarding communications, discussions and publications, which it can at any time refuse or have changed. The articles will be checked on form and content by peer review. The article may be sent back to the author for corrections or improvements and submitted to renewed peer review before it can be accepted for publication.
Articles published in the "Bulletin" may not be published unchanged in other journals.

All publications (articles, announcements, tables, figures, publicity etc.) in the Bulletin of the Belgian Societies of Ophthalmology (Bull.Soc.belge Ophtalmol.) fall under the exclusive responsibility of their authors.

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