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TitleNew Therapeutics and Delivery Systems on the Horizon
PurposeReduction of the intraocular pressure in glaucoma is usually by using eye drops. This delivery method is pulsatile and have multiple limitations. Next to the drug-dependent bioavailability problems, there are various patient- dependent issues, and a true control of the doses of the delivered medication is very difficult. Therefore the real efficacy of the treatment is in each patient different.
MethodsThere is a need for novel delivery systems to address the issue of ocular surface disease, compliance and adherence to ensure consistent reduction of IOP. These delivery systems include contact lenses-releasing glaucoma medications, injectables such as biodegradable micro- and nanoparticles, and surgically implanted systems. These new technologies are aimed at increasing clinical efficacy by offering multiple delivery options and are capable of managing IOP for several months.
ResultsMost of these new delivery systems are in research or fase III studies. The long-term results are unkwon.
ConclusionInteresting session to catch-up with new technoloies in drug delivery.
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