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TitleBest Approach to Diagnosing Glaucoma Progression
PurposeDiagnosing glaucoma can sometimes be a problem, however diagnosing glaucoma progression remains one of the most challenging aspects of glaucoma management. We will discuss structural versus functional tools to diagnose glaucoma progression: which is the best method to use? how often should the tests be repeated? what is true progression and what is fluctuation? which rate of progression is alarming and clinically meaningful? and is there a correlation between structural and functional progression?
MethodsWe will take a look at the current literature and discuss several clinical examples.
ResultsWe will try to summarize some take home messages concerning the best approach to diagnosing glaucoma progression in clinical practice.
ConclusionDiagnosing glaucoma progression remains a difficult task, however there are several tools available to help us generate a better prognosis for our glaucoma patients.
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DepartmentZNA Middelheim
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