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This abstract is assigned to session Eye, History and Art 2018
TitleProf dr G.M. Bleeker and the development of the Orbital Center from 1962-1982
PurposePurpose : In a short historical overview the evolvement of the Orbital Center Univ. of Amsterdam, under guidance of prof. dr. G.M. Bleeker, will be presented.
MethodsHistorical description: In the ophthalmic clinic of prof.dr.A. Hagendoorn a special X ray department was started by Gé Bleeker. He developed it to an orbital center, with as central theme a multidisciplinary approach, and with broad diagnostic and surgical skills.
ResultsImportance of the lecture: The importance of the orbital team will be revealed, extirpated from own experiences and from National as International papers, congress books and journals and several founded societies.

voor sessie geschiedenis oogheelkunde van Dr Goes
(mag ook voor sessie Orbita BSOPRS)
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Last nameDE KEIZER
DepartmentProf dr RJW de Keizer MD Ph Em. prof LUMC/Prof. University Antwerp-UZA
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