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TitleTorpedo maculopathy: a case series of two cases
PurposeTo report two cases of torpedo maculopathy
MethodsCase series
ResultsCase 1:
A 5-month-old girl was seen at the emergency department of our hospital because of macrocrania with projectile vomiting. An ophthalmologic consult was requested to exclude papilledema. The patient had good monocular fixation nearby, smooth pursuit eye movements and no protest on monocular covering with orthophoria. Anterior segment examination and IOP were normal. Dilated fundoscopic examination showed a torpedo-shaped hypopigmented macular lesion with well-defined margins and a hyperpigmented tail.

Case 2:
An 8-year-old boy with an incidentally found macular anomaly at the left eye was referred to our department. BCVA was 20/20 in both eyes with unremarkable biomicroscopic examination and normal IOP. Fundoscopy showed two lesions temporal to the fovea, a large hypopigmented flat lesion of torpedo shape, with more temporally a smaller round lesion with central pigment.

Both cases represent examples of torpedo maculopathy, a rare asymptomatic non-progressive anomaly typically located in the temporal macula. It is characterized by a flat hypopigmented torpedo-shaped lesion with the tip pointing towards the fovea and a variably pigmented tail along the horizontal raphe, sometimes with satellite lesions as seen in the second case. Regular follow-up is recommended because macular neovascularization and progressive outer retinal degeneration are reported by few case reports in literature.
ConclusionThis case series reports two cases of torpedo maculopathy which typically presents as a unilateral incidental finding of a solitary lesion in the temporal macula of an asymptomatic patient.
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