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TitlePosterior chamber phakic intraocular lens (ICL) versus laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) for myopia and astigmatism: a systematic review.
PurposeTo compare visual and refractive outcome of LASIK to (toric) ICL in the treatment of myopic astigmatism of all ranges to support the clinician in decision making when the patients meets both lens and laser criteria.
MethodsAn electronic literature search (September 30th 2021) led to 19 comparative articles. Refractive outcome, efficacy, safety, predictability and stability as well as differences in contrast sensitivity and higher order aberrations were analysed for moderate (-3D to -6D) and high myopia (≥-6D).
ResultsResults were either significantly in favor of (toric)-ICL or equal. Less higher order aberrations and better contrast sensitivity after (toric)-ICL seems to be the largest asset in its refractive and clinical superiority
ConclusionComparative articles on (T-)ICL vs. LASIK for myopia > -3 D showed either non-significant differences or significant superiority of the (T-)ICL over LASIK in terms of visual performance (safety, efficacy, predictability, stability). This difference is likely to be explained by the less higher order aberrations and better contrast sensitivity in (T-)ICL over LASIK. However, longer follow-up studies are indicated, specifically for long-term intraocular adverse effects.
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