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TitleVisual Performance, Spectacle Independence, Patient Satisfaction And Visual Disturbances Of Wavefront Shaping Presbyopia Correcting IOL Implanted With Mini-Monovision
PurposeTo report the visual outcomes and PROMS in subjects with mini-monovision and emmetropia after bilateral implantation of AcrySof IQ Vivity presbyopia-correcting IOLs (models DFT015 and DFTX15-Toric)
MethodsMini-monovision group was defined through MRSE at study entry visit when at least one eye with MRSE ≤ -0.50 D and the absolute difference in MRSE between two eyes ≥ 0.50 D. Emmetropia target group were all subjects who did not fall in mini-monovision target group definition. Three months postoperative, binocular distance, intermediate (66 cm), and near (40 cm) uncorrected and corrected visual acuities (UCDVA/BCDVA, UCIVA/DCIVA and UCNVA/DCNVA), as well as satisfaction, spectacle independence and visual disturbances were evaluated
ResultsBinocular mean logMAR (SD) UCDVA, UCIVA and UCNVA were 0.035 (0.098) ), 0.075 (0.114) and 0.204 (0.145) for the mini-monovision group (n=162) and 0.007 (0.104), 0.087 (0.127) and 0.254 (0.157) for the emmetropia group (n=527), respectively. Patients reported never/rarely using spectacles at near, intermediate and distance by 71.4%, 91.9% and 87.7% for the mini-monovision and 54.3%, 90.0% and 93.9% for the emmetropia group, respectively. More than 90% of subjects reported no halos, glare and starbursts in both groups
ConclusionThis real-world assessment of subjects with mini-monovision and emmetropia target after bilateral implantation of AcrySof IQ Vivity and/or AcrySof IQ Vivity Toric suggest an improvement at near visual acuity and spectacle independence with mini-monovision target group compared to emmetropia group while maintaining visual performance at distance and intermediate, as well as low level of visual disturbances.
Conflict of interestYes
Details of conflicting interestsThe study was sponsored by Alcon Vision
Authors 1
Last nameSAELENS
DepartmentUniversity Hospitals Leuven, Belgium
CityLeuven, Belgium
Authors 2
Last nameArmelle Baillou-Beaufils
DepartmentAlcon SAS, Rueil-Malmaison, France
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