OBAO: Emergencies in Ophthalmology

Emergencies in Ophthalmology
Wednesday 27 November 2019, 14:00 - 17:30, COPPER
 14:00Emergent signs of pediatric intracranial tumors PARSA C
 14:30Vitreoretinal surgery: Priorities in Surgical Retina Emergencies VECKENEER M
 15:00Oculoplastics: Eyelid trauma: Fixing function and form LASUDRY J
 16:00Cornea: Contactlens-related pathology TERMOTE K
 16:30Cristallin: Dislocated lenses after trauma NI DHUBHGHAILL S
 17:00Glaucoma: When the pressure is high COLLIGNON N
 17:30End of session
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