Ophthalmological software for daily practice: pros & cons / Image storage and mobile applications / Digitalisation of medicine
Wednesday 24 November 2021, 14:00 - 17:30, SILVER
Frank jr. GOES
 14:00Welcome by the BOG president, Eric Feron
 14:05Ophthalmological software for daily practice : Softalmo SPIRITUS A
 14:15Ophthalmological software for daily practice: Optisoft RENIER S
 14:25Ophthalmological software for daily practice: Eyefile WILLEKENS K
 14:35Ophthalmological software for daily practice: Clininet NOBEN K
 14:45Ophthalmological software for daily practice: Emma HIEMSTRA C
 14:55Image storage: Memento HEINTZ B
 15:10Image storage: Forum STALMANS P
 15:25Results of the online satisfaction survey on ophthalmological software RENIER S
 16:00E-health: How can we use this to the maximum, what can it teach us, what can we get out of it? ROBBEN F
 16:20RIZIV: Practice variations, and efficient use of government budgets in ophthalmology. What does the RIZIV know, and how is it used by the government? HOECKX L
 16:40[ RECORDED ] Mobile applications: It’s all in the pocket: smartphone-based imaging apps LEMMENS S
 17:00Artificial intelligence: future role and possible pitfalls VAN KEER K
 17:20Conclusion by the chairman of the session, Frank Goes Jr.
 17:30End of session
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