Interactive Clinical Courses
Wednesday 23 November 2022, 14:00 - 15:30, HALL 300

ICC 4: Astigmatism correction during cataract surgery 
Level: Intermediate
 14:00Introduction - Astigmatism: Basics GOLENVAUX B
 14:09Corneal astigmatism measurement SALLET G
 14:18Axis marking: instruments, technologies, procedures GOLENVAUX B
 14:33Incisional surgery: Blade GOLENVAUX B
 14:43Surgical procedure & results: femtosecond AK & Toric IOL's SALLET G
 14:58Toric IOL's : indications, IOL's on the market GOLENVAUX B
 15:07Unexpected astigmatism after TIOL: what should I do? VAN CAUWENBERGE F
 15:21Clinical case: What did I do wrong? GOLENVAUX B
 15:25Clinical case: What did I do wrong? SALLET G
 15:30End of ICC 4 Session

Centre Hospitalier Delta (CHIREC Bruxelles), Ooginstituut Aalst, CHU du Sart Tilman Liège
This course will provide pragmatic and comprehensive information on surgical correction of astigmatism for the cataract surgeon. Surgical correction of astigmatism, either by incisional/femtosecond laser surgery or with toric IOL's will be covered. Selection of candidates, determination of axis, calculation formulae, Toric IOL's on the market, and experience with low and high-tech alignment devices will be discussed. Clinical cases will be shared and discussed interactively, with the audience.  
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