Pearls & Update of the latest EGS congress - Session 2: Surgical Treatment
Thursday 24 November 2022, 11:00 - 12:30, SILVER
Ingeborg STALMANS, Kathy HONDEGHEM, Veva DE GROOT, Philippe-Adriaan jr KESTELYN
 11:00What if glaucoma and cataract go hand in hand? HONDEGHEM K
 11:15INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER: Personalised Care in Glaucoma Surgery SUNARIC MÉGEVAND G
 11:45“Dealing with healing”, in glaucoma surgery. STALMANS I
 12:00Clinical Case 1: It's not always glaucoma VANDEWALLE E
 12:10Clinical Case 2: It's not always glaucoma KIEKENS S
 12:20Clinical Case 3: It's not always glaucoma KESTELYN P
 12:30End of Session
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