OBAO : Eye Surgeries, Anno 2015

AMICO Symposium
Saturday 14 March 2015, 09:00 - 16:30, Room 300
Vincent QIN

OBAO : Organisatie van Belgische Assistenten in Oogheelkunde / Organisation Belge des Assistants en Ophtalmologie

Eye Surgeries, Anno 2015

 09:00Basic surgical technique and sutures HUA M
 11:00Retinal detachment surgery in 2015 VAN CALSTER J
 11:30Eyelid Surgery in 2015 JONCKHEERE P
 12:00Orbital surgery and decompression in 2015 DE GROOT V
 14:30Epiretinal membrane and Vitreomacular surgery in 2015 STALMANS P
 15:00Strabismus surgery in 2015 TEN TUSSCHER M
 15:30Corneal transplantation in 2015 HICK S
 16:00Patient information and legal issues in surgery in 2015 HEYLEN R
 16:30End of session
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