2010/3 - nr. 316
Rozema J., Tassignon M.J.Comparison of various spherical aberration compensation methods in pseudophakic eyes
Bhallil S., Benatiya I., El Abdouni O., Mahjoubi B., Hicham T.Goldenhar syndrome: ocular features
Pronk A.E., Demaerel P.M., Casteels I.K.Case report: a 5 year old boy with acute intermittent acquired Brown's syndrome
Callewaert S., Fieuws S., Stalmans I., Zeyen T.Appraisal of optic disc stereo photos pre and post training session
Schaeken N., Deconinck H., Stadnik T., Brouwers K., Mathys R.Intermittent palpebral edema following surgery for nasonfrontal encephalocele
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Kriet M., Fiqhi A., Bouya Y., Louaya S., Laktaoui A.Syndrome de Sneddon et Anticorps antiphospholipides : une étiologie d'hémianopsie latérale homonyme
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Haverals K., Augustinus A., Hondeghem K.Bilateral acute angle closure glaucoma after blepharoplasty
Detry Morel M.General review - Les six points clés du suivi du patient glaucomateux
Hua M T., Betz P.Didactic image - Descemet membrane detachment after alkali ocular surface burn
Detry Morel M.Didactic image - Haab's striae
2010/2 - nr. 315
Skalicky S.E., Goldberg I.Are we ready to assess quality of life routinely in our glaucoma patients?
Vaninbroukx I., Van Calster J., Van Calster B., Spileers W., Verhaegen J., Stalmans P.Preoperative eye disinfection in vitrectomy surgery using antibiotic or antiseptic eyedrops
Al Sabai N., Koppen C., Tassignon M.J.Case report: UVA/Riboflavin crosslinking as treatment for corneal melting
Cheour M., Brour J., Boukari M., Kraiem A.Capsulorhexis contraction syndrome despite capsular tension ring implantation
Missotten G., Verheezen Y.Orbital inflammation after use of Zoledronic Acid for metastasized prostate carcinoma
Kocabora M.S., Gocmez E., Taskapili M., Kocabora A., Cekic O.Surgical outcome of coaxial phacoemulsification with torsional ultrasound after a 2.4 mm versus 3.2 mm clear corneal temporal incision
Kanonidou E., Konidaris V., Kanonidou C., Praidou A.An evaluation of the young people's knowledge regarding the ophthalmic effects of smoking
Coppens G., Angulo Bocco M.I., Spielberg L., Leys A.Intravitreal bevacizumab for myopic choroidal neovascularization: 1 year and 2 year results
Bresson Dumont H.General review - Tolérance locale des médications antiglaucomateuses. Un problème sous estimé
Coppens G., Zeyen T.Didactic image - Axenfeld's anomaly
Minh Tri H., Betz P.Didactic image - Bilateral central scotoma
2010/1 - nr. 314
Spaeth G.L., Wei H.The Danger of Confusion "Normal" and "Healthy"
De Brauwer P.J., Blaise, P., Hermans G., Boniver V., Bartsch P., Rakic J.M.Retinitis Pigmentosa and bronchiectasis: A case report on a rare association suggestive of a common underlying primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD)
Benfdil N., Baha Ali T., Jellab B., Moutaouakil A.Le syndrome de Vogt Koyanagi Harada chez l'enfant: Diagnostic et prise en charge
Coppens G., Maudgal P.Corneal complications of intraoperative Mitomycin C in glaucoma surgery
Termote K., Zeyen T.The challenges of Monitoring Glaucoma Progression
Coppens G., Stalmans I., Zeyen T.General review - Glaucoma medication during pregnancy and nursing
Kiekens S.K., De Groot V., De Deyn P.P., Tassignon M.J.FRO-Project - The role of cerebrospinal fluid pressure in the development of glaucoma in patients with Alzheimer's disease
Makhoul D., Mascart F., Schandene L., Willermain F., Caspers L.FRO-Project - Study of the immune response in patients with uveitis and latent tuberculosis
Rozema J.J., Tassignon M.J.FRO-project - Investigating the influence of light intensity and wavelength on retinal straylight
Stalmans I., Yuyi You, Vandewalle E., Van Bergen T., Vandeveire S., Moons L., Spileers W.FRO-project - Is Neuroglobuline (Ngb) a perspective for glaucoma?
Van Bergen T., Vandewalle E., Van de Veire S., Moons L., Stalmans I.FRO-project - The Effect of Microplasmin on the wound healing after trabeculectomy
Van de Veire S., Van Bergen T., Vandewalle E., Moons L., Smith V., Ogg S., Stalmans I.FRO-project - The role of LOX and LOXL2 in inflammation and fibrosis in a laser induces mouse model
Vandewalle E., Spielberg L., Zeyen T., Stalmans I.FRO-project - Can peroperative bevacizumab improve trabeculectomy outcome? "Avastin Trab study"
Zakaria N., Tassignon M.J., Cools N., Van Tendeloo V., Bernaman Z.FRO-project - Immunomodulation of corneal epithelial cells following electroporation with mRNA encoding IL 10 and FasL
Casteels I.Didactic image - Retinal findings in tuberous sclerosis syndrome (TSS)
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