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TitleEvaluation of the added Value and the impact of pAtient information on the patient knowledge in glaucoma
PurposeTo evaluate the patient's knowledge about glaucoma using a questionnaire. This questionnaire aims to adapt and validate an informative kit for newly diagnosed glaucoma patients in order to increase their awareness of the disease and the compliance with treatment.
MethodsNewly diagnosed glaucoma patients medicaly treated are divided randomly in 2 groups: Group1 receiving oral information, Group2 receiving oral and written information. Each patient is examined twice at 3 to 6 months apart. At the first visit(V0), the patients included are asked to answer 4 questions about their general therapeutic compliance, they all receive oral information about glaucoma and some randomly receive written information. At the second visit(V1), the patients answer the same 4 questions about compliance and 20 scored questions relating to glaucoma. The median score is calculated on the 20 items while the scores related to knowledge on glaucoma, treatment and instillation are calculated on items 1-9,10-13 and 14-20 respectively.
ResultsOf 48 patients included, 22 receive oral information and 26 receive both oral and written information. Both groups are age-matched and have the same level of education and general compliance. Group1 had a median score of 14.5/20 on the questionnaire, while Group2 had 15.5/20 (p=0.14). A trend for a better knowledge on pathology was observed in Group2 (7.0 vs. 5.5, p=0.05). There is no significant difference on treatment and instillation score between both groups.
ConclusionPatients who received written information during diagnosis of glaucoma have a better knowledge of their pathology. The questionnaire could facilitate the communication between the patient and the doctor and be part of the interventional glaucoma management.
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