AOB e-Posters

AOB e-Posters
21, 22 & 23 November 2018, 09:00 - 17:30, Poster area
 OCT Angiography reveals a non-flow area enlargement in the choriocapillaris with increasing age NELIS P, MüLLER V, MIHAILOVIC N, ETER N, TEN TUSSCHER M, ALNAWAISEH M
 OCT angiography of the retina detects a difference in peripapillary vessel density between dark and light adaptation. NELIS P, MüLLER V, ALNAWAISEH M, MIHAILOVIC N, ETER N, TEN TUSSCHER M
 General shape of the optic disc in high myopic glaucomatous patients undergoing trabeculectomy. DUGAUQUIER A, EHONGO A, ALAOUI MHAMMEDI Y
 Retinopathy of Prematurity in Rwanda: setting up a screening system. DE SMEDT S, MUDEREVA G, CASTEELS I
 Exudative type 3 retinal arteriovenous malformation in a pediatric patient DENS H, CASTEELS I
 Multimodal imaging of choroidal nodules in neurofibromatosis type 1 (nf 1) : case report KAZEMI G, POSTELMANS L
 Re-activation of toxoplasmosis post-steroid treatment of ocular tuberculosis – a case report JAMALL O, ALMEIDA G, KERWAT D
 Optic nerve metastases from rectal adenocarcinoma – a case report JAMALL O, BATES A, VERITY D, AMIN S
 Microsphérophakie et mutation du gène ADCYAP1: à propos d'un cas COLARD S, EHONGO A, CORDONNIER M
 Bacterial Profile and Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern of Bacterial Keratitis at Tertiary Hospital in Riyadh ALKAFF A, ALMIZEL A, ALSALEH A, ALSUHAIBANI F, ALMANSOURI S
 Truncations of mini-sclera lenses in case of conjunctival lesions VANSCHOENWINKEL G., KOPPEN C., SAELENS IEY
 Kyste primaire du stroma irien chez une patiente de 68 ans. A propos d’un cas. ALAOUI MHAMMEDI Y
 Retinal vascular accident in first trimester of pregnancy STOCKMAN AC, JACOB J, LEYS A
 Wells syndrome as a rare cause of unilateral ptosis JANSSEN C, LAUWERS N, LEYSEN I, DE KEIZER RJW
 Bilateral vitreous hemorrhage in a neonate with galactosemia: a rare complication with severe implications VAN NUFFEL S, DE VILDER EYG, VERLOO P, NERINCKX F, DELBEKE P
 Treatment-resistant papilledema associated with high methionine levels and betaine therapy in a boy with homocystinuria NEVEN L, CASSIMAN C, CASTEELS I
 Vogt Koyanagi Harada disease complicated by tuberculosis reactivation and occlusive vasculitis in a young man: about a challenging case. BOUTERFA Z, KOZYREFF A, YILDIZ H, YOMBI J
 Kissing choroids following Xen® gel stent implantation DAM J, MELARD JC, VANDEWALLE E, STALMANS I, STALMANS P
 Visual rehabilitation using a scleral contact lens following cultivated limbal stem cell transplantation. BALLET B, BEHAEGEL J, NI DHUBHGHAILL S
 Alport syndrome: The ophtalmologists’ role VAN AERSCHOT J, JACOB J, LEYS A, CASTEELS I
 Nonglaucomatous optic nerve atrophy KAIMBO WA KAIMBO D
 Retinal vasculitis: a challenging case JADNANANSING A, TERRYN W, STOCKMAN A, DE SCHRYVER I
 Surgical Management of Post- Descemet Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty Interface Haze – Deposits SAFI AS, VOULGARI NV, KONTADAKIS GK, MIKROPOULOS DM, PETROVIC AP, DROUTSAS KD, KYMIONIS GK
 Evaluation of the added Value and the impact of pAtient information on the patient knowledge in glaucoma LEFLOT M, COLLIGNON N
 Torpedo Maculopathy - A Case Series: Insights into Basic Pathology KERWAT D, JAMALL O, ALMEIDA GCM
 Conjunctival papillomatous laesions : the same clinical aspect for different diagnosis LAUWERS N, DE GROOT V, PAUWELS P, DE KEIZER RJW
 Acanthamoeba keratitis in the Antwerp University Hospital: a review of diagnosis, follow-up and clinical outcomes. CHIAIRI I, BEHAEGEL J
 Outcomes of allogenic cultivated limbal epithelial stem cells in aniridia patients BEHAEGEL JB, CARINA KOPPEN CK, NADIA ZAKARIA NZ, TASSIGNON MJT, SORCHA Ní DHUBHGHAILL SND
 FAST® questionnaire: a short and effective tool to assess OSD in glaucoma patients STALMANS I, THE BELGIAN FAST STUDY GROUP, BAUDOUIN C
 The value of non-mydriatic fundus camera screening for diabetic retinopathy among type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients: hospital-based study. ALSALEM R, ALAGEEL M, AL ADEL F, YASLAM M, YOUSSEF A, AL-RUBEAAN K
 Visual electrophysiological assessment in birdshot chorioretinitis treated with anti-TNF-α CLAEYS M, SYS C, NEU F, LEROY BP, DE SCHRYVER I
 New insight in peripapillary intrachoroidal cavitation EHONGO A, LE ROUX P, RASQUIN F
 Clinical characteristics and complications in intermediate uveitis: analysis of 15-years experience in a tertiary center for uveitis in Belgium TACK M, VANCLOOSTER A, SYS C, LEROY BP, DE SCHRYVER I
 Management of aphakic glaucoma following congenital cataract surgery LEMMENS S, BARBOSA-BREDA J, VAN KEER K, STALMANS I
 Converting to topical anesthesia for Descemet’s stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty SAFI A, VOULGARI N, MILLIET N, HASHEMI K, PERRON Y, KYMIONIS G
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