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TitleVisual electrophysiological assessment in birdshot chorioretinitis treated with anti-TNF-α
PurposeTo evaluate the efficacy of anti TNF-α in birdshot chorioretinitis (BSCR) using full-field electroretinography (ERG) as an assessment tool.
MethodsA retrospective cohort study of patients with BSCR treated with anti-TNF-α attending Ghent University Hospital form 2002 till 2018.
Results49 patients (98 eyes) were diagnosed as BSCR based upon clinical suspicion, the presence of hypofluorescent dark dots on early frames of indocyanine green angiography (ICGA) and HLA-A29 antigen positivity. ERG was performed on 47 patients (95,9%) at presentation. 45 (91,8%) patients were treated with steroids, immunosuppressive agents and biologics. 24 (49,0%) patients were treated with anti-TNF-α of whom 4 received infliximab and 20 received adalimumab. 20 (83,3%) patients were regularly monitored by ERG with a mean follow up of 1,6 electrophysiological assessments every year. In the 30Hz photopic 3.0 Flicker the implicit time is the key parameter which is delayed in 91,7% of patients at baseline. 75% patients showed an significantly improvement of the implicit time since the start of the treatment with anti-TNF-α.
ConclusionThis study confirms ERG as an important tool in the diagnosis and the follow-up of BSCR. Anti-TNF-α is known to be an effective treatment in patients with BSCR. This report confirms the role of ERG in the management and monitoring of the disease activity in BSCR. The improvement of the implicit time provides essential information of the retinal function. More electrophysiologic analysis is necessary as these results could be important in the therapeutic strategy of BSCR.
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