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TitleTorpedo Maculopathy - A Case Series: Insights into Basic Pathology
PurposeTorpedo maculopathy is a benign retinal disorder whose pathophysiological origins are
currently poorly understood. A number of theories have been postulated, with stable
developmental anomalies of the RPE taking the forefront. This case series challenges
some of these previous theories.
MethodsCase series report.
ResultsFive clinical cases are outlined of patients with macular torpedo lesions, with differing
clinical presentation. Optical coherence tomography imaging further characterises the
fundus appearances. In all five cases this reveals very thin RPE and outer retina
associated with the lesion. In a single case, the oldest patient of the group, there is the
additional finding of subretinal and intraretinal fluid accumulation.
ConclusionThis case series challenges some of the previously held assertions regarding the
pathophysiology of torpedo maculopathy. The contrast between the case of the oldest
patient, where there is retinal fluid accumulation, and the other cases suggests that
whilst initially this benign pathology might start with structurally normal retina with no
fluid accumulation, dysgenetic changes in the RPE might lead to secondary
accumulation of fluid over time. Whether indeed this disorder might be progressive in
nature, or whether in fact it is a static, non-progressive developmental abnormality of
the RPE as formerly thought, requires further elucidation.
Conflict of interestNo
Authors 1
Last nameKERWAT
DepartmentMaidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust
Authors 2
Last nameJAMALL
DepartmentMaidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust
Authors 3
Last nameALMEIDA
DepartmentMaidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust
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