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TitleTruncations of mini-sclera lenses in case of conjunctival lesions
PurposeTo describe the resolution of conjunctival lesions by making 2 truncations in a mini-scleral lens.
MethodsCase report
ResultsA 44-years old woman with keratoconus developed two vascularized conjunctival lesions in the interpalpebral zone of the right eye after wearing mini-sclera lenses . A refitting with a mini-scleral lens of a different design was performed. Two truncations in the 3 and 9 o’ clock position were made manually. The conjunctival lesion disappeared and a good comfort was obtained.
ConclusionA customized design of mini-scleral lenses can be used in special cases and might increase patient comfort.
Conflict of interestNo
Authors 1
DepartmentContactlenzen Vanschoenwinkel
CityDiepenbeek, Belgium
Authors 2
Last nameKoppen
DepartmentDepartment of Ophthalmology, Antwerp University Hospita
CityAntwerp, Belgium
Authors 3
Last nameSaelens
DepartmentUniversity Eye Hospital Maastricht
CityMaastricht, The Netherlands
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