Industry session: What's new

Industry session: What's new
Industry session
Friday 27 November 2020, 14:30 - 16:00, ROOM 1

What's new in the Industry ?

 14:30Welcome by Guy Sallet
 14:32Intro Christophe Andre -Van Hopplynus by Guy Sallet
 14:34Rec-Van Hopplynus: Live Inspiration for your new practice?
 14:39Intro Tom Rijssaert-Alcon by Guy Sallet
 14:41Rec-Alcon: Next advancement for Centurion Vision system : Active Sentry
 14:46Intro Novartis Luxturna by Joachim Van Calster
 14:47Rec-Novartis: Luxturna - Understanding gene therapy for inherited retinal dystrophies
 14:52Intro Jean-Frédéric Chibret -Théa Pharma by Guy Sallet
 14:54Rec-Théa Pharma: Education programme
 14:57Intro Novartis Lucentis by Joachim Van Calster
 14:58Rec-Novartis: Effectiveness and Safety of Lucentis in treatment-naïve patients with diabetic macular edema: Results from the real-world global LUMINOUS study
 15:03Intro Karel Martens - FCI by Guy Sallet
 15:05Rec-FCI: FCI Newest innovative solutions
 15:10Intro Bayer by Joachim Van Calster
 15:12Rec-Bayer: Highlights nAMD by Dr. Edouard Duchateau, CHU Liège – Highlights DME by Dr. Freya Peeters, UZ Leuven
 15:21Intro GSK by Joachim Van Calster
 15:23GSK: Herpes zoster and GSK’s recombinant zoster vaccine, SHINGRIX: Introduction on HZ disease / Video / HZO: clinical aspects, incidence, treatment / Shingrix introduction
 15:38Intro Marc Van Schepdaal -Horus Pharma by Guy Sallet
 15:40Rec-Horus Pharma: Ophthalmology new innovations
 15:48Intro Novartis Beovu by Joachim Van Calster
 15:49Rec-Novartis: Beovu: introducing the next generation anti-VEGF
 15:54Closure of the session Guy Sallet – Joachim Van Calster
 15:55End of session - AOB Academic Session will start at 16:00
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