Eye & Ear
Thursday 24 November 2022, 14:00 - 17:30, THE ARC
Antonella BOSCHI, Catherine CASSIMAN

Case reports - Organized by Irina Balikova
 14:00Welcome and Introduction by Boschi Antonella - President PedLowNoc
 14:05The Child with dual sensory loss CASTEELS I
 14:25Different hearingproblems in children. VERSTREKEN M
 14:45Usher Syndrome and related pathology DE BAERE E
 15:05Auto-Immune Disease MAKHOUL D, LE A
 15:50How to deal with deaf-blind people ? BUYCK A, WOUTERS L
 16:10Vestibular problems and eye movements COUTEL M, DE SIATI RD
 16:30CASE REPORT : Psychotic disorder and retinopathy : an atypical case WANG Z
 16:40CASE REPORT : An unexpected etiology of intermittent altered ocular motility CHAA Y
 16:50CASE REPORT : A surprising cause of acute wobbling eyes in a child. GOES S
 17:00CASE REPORT : Can't walk, can't hear, can't see WEISS S
 17:10CASE REPORT : A combination of retinal dystrophy and hearing loss in 2 siblings HERIJGERS D
 17:20Discussion & Conclusion remarks
 17:30End of Session
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