Guidelines Speakers AMICO 2023 Virtual – PRE-RECORDED PRESENTATIONS

Speaker guidelines for pre-recorded presentations

Thank you for presenting during the AMICO 2023 Virtual Congress.. Please find below instructions for the delivery of the pre-recorded videos. 

Deadline submission pre-recorded video: Monday, March 20, 2023
Send your MP4 presentation via WeTransfer to

Even though you have opted for a pre-recorded presentation we do ask, if possible, to be present at the meeting for the Q&A. If not please let us know ( 

Questions from the audience may come in by chat to the moderator during your presentation. If possible and if time permits the moderator can answer them or allow one of the presenters to answer. If no time is available questions can be send to you and can be answered by mail after the presentation.

  • Wednesday March 22, 2023 – attend one of the 3 rehearsal sessions organised by the technical crew of the company Eventronics. We STRONGLY recommend to take part in one of the rehearsal sessions - Please fill out the RSVP form and return by March 15 to let us know which rehearsal session you will attend. The rehearsal sessions will be set-up through Microsoft Teams. After the RSVP deadline you will receive a link to join the rehearsal session.
    • 08:30 to 09:00
    • 12:00 to 12:30
    • 17:30 to 18:00
  • Saturday 25 March – After the rehearsal sessions you will receive another "Teams"-Link to connect to your session. Please be present 20 min before the start of your session block.
Please let us know what time you would like to participate at a rehearsal session (strongly recommended) by clicking on the link to the RSVP form below. 

The entire congress will be recorded and remains available to AOB members in your account for max 3 months. 

No accreditation possible for on-demand viewing.

Technical instructions


    Please provide a mp4 video file containing your slides and talking head (picture-in-picture). You can record yourself using :
    • Zoom (
    • PowerPoint (
    • Or any other tool of your preference as long as the end result is a good quality mp4 file. 
    Important: the video should not be longer than your allocated presentation time.
    Speakers are invited to prepare their presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint format 16:9.

    Write the title of the presentation and the speaker's name on the first slide indicating any possible conflict of interest.

    The language of the presentation and the slides need to be in english.

    If any question please contact

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