AOB Rapid Fire session
Wednesday 21 November 2018, 14:00 - 15:30, The ARC
 14:00Amblyopia with eccentric fixation: Is inverse occlusion still an option? GODTS DJM
 14:08Analysis of a particular kind of central serous chorioretinopathy characterised by a leopard-spot pattern aspect in transplanted patients on long-term steroid treatment NEGAHBAN N, VAN BOL L, AMRO M, RASQUIN F
 14:16Diabetic retinopathy: New treatment paradigms FASOLINO G, APPELTANS A, TEN TUSSCHER M, CORNELISSEN P
 14:24Follow-up of uveitis patients treated with anti-TNFα and causes of treatment withdrawal LE A, WILLERMAIN F, ET AL
 14:32Peripapillary and Macular Neurovascular Coupling in Dominant Optic Atrophy MARQUES JP
 14:40Ruthenium brachytherapy in conjunctival melanoma VAN RENTERGHEM V, MISSOTTEN G
 14:48First year Experience with Ruthenium Brachytherapy in ocular melanoma @ UZLeuven. MISSOTTEN GS, VAN GINDERDEUREN R, VAN LIMBERGEN E, VAN CALSTER J
 14:56Fractal dimension of the retinal vasculature: age-related evolution in the general population LEMMENS S, LANDTMETERS C, PEETERS R, SIMONS AS, VERCAUTEREN J, VAN KEER K, DE BOEVER P, STALMANS I
 15:04Optical coherence tomography angiography suggests size of the foveal avascular zone to be associated with physical fitness NELIS P, SCHMITZ B, ALNAWAISEH M, MüLLER V, MIHAILOVIC N, TEN TUSSCHER M, ALTEN F
 15:12OCT angiography of the retina detects a difference in peripapillary vessel density between dark and light adaptation. NELIS P, MüLLER V, ALNAWAISEH M, MIHAILOVIC N, ETER N, TEN TUSSCHER M
 15:17OCT Angiography reveals a non-flow area enlargement in the choriocapillaris with increasing age NELIS P, MüLLER V, MIHAILOVIC N, ETER N, TEN TUSSCHER M, ALNAWAISEH M
 15:22End of session
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