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Modern Optics in Ophthalmology
December 3, 2011

This course is part of a Master after Master program that is organised by the Collegium Ophthalmologicum Belgicum. These courses fit in the Master after Master program for our residents, independent of their year of training. However, this program is open for any ophthalmologist who would like to refresh his/her knowledge on different topics. The aim of this program is to achieve an ideal balance between theory and practice.

Presentation time:
25 min + 5 min discussion


09:00   Introduction and history of optics: the different properties of light/ history of ophthalmic optics
Frans Van de Velde

09:30   Fundamentals of Geometrical optics:
refractive index, Snell's law, thin and thick lenses, lens conjugation, cardinal planes, eye models, optical systems (telescopes, microscopes, slit lamp, 60D lens), special optical elements (prisms)
Frans Van de Velde

10:00   Fundamentals of Lasers:  atom model, basic quantum mechanics, Einstein principles, laser medium, optical pumping, opti- cal cavity, different laser types, interaction of laser light with tissue
Jos Rozema

10:30   BREAK

10:45   Optics of the human eye and clinical refraction: basic ocular anatomy, far and near point, retinoscopy, autorefractometer, spectacle and contact lens correction, sphere, cylinder, prism ...
Jos Rozema

11:15   Refractive surgery: RK, PRK, LASIK, LASEK, DTK, Intacs, corneal inlays...
Philippe Kestelyn

11:45   IOL Optics and IOL calculation:
different types of IOL (monofocal, toric, multifocal,...), insertion methods, complications and IOL calculations
Marie-Jose Tassignon


13:00   Principles and interpretation of visual acuity measurement:
Visual acuity, Snellen chart, BCVA...
Werner Spileers

13:30   Principles and interpretation of corneal topography:
Placido, Scheimpflug, OrbScan, astigmatism, keratoconus detection, ...
Jean-Marie Rakic

14:00   Principles and interpretation of aberrometry:
Wave character of light, wavelength, amplitude, phase, interaction of waves, diffraction, Fourier transforms, PSF, MTF, PTF...
Bernard Duchesne

14:30   BREAK

14:45   Principles and interpretation of the anterior chamber OCT:
Basics about OCT and clinical application
Françoise Bremer

15:15   Principles and interpretation of biometry:
echography, PCI optical measurements
Thierry Vandorselaer

15:45   Principles of visual rehabilitation:
low vision aids, principles and how to use them
Tanja Coeckelbergh

16:15   END

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