2021 Eye, History and Art

2021 Eye, History and Art
Thursday 25 November 2021, 09:00 - 12:30, HALL 300
Frank Jozef GOES
 09:00Introduction - The psychology of vision GOES F
 09:102500 year History of art JONCKHEERE K
 09:40Trephination in prehistory GRABNER G
 11:00Trachoma in the Lower Countries and the development of modern ophthalmology DE LAEY J
 11:20An ophthalmologist with famous painter Emil Nolde in the South Seas 1913/1914 KLUXEN G
 11:35The dispute over the discovery of the aqueous veins – a criminal story - video recorded MEIER-GIBBONS F
 11:55Louis Braille-Harold Ridley and Jacky Kelman what did they have in common? GOES F
 12:10Discussion and closing
 12:30End of session
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